Garage Door Water Sealing Replacement

What Kind Of Hinges Do I Need?

Inexperienced homeowners might think that musky and damp is how a garage is normally meant to be, a place to shelter vehicles and store long forgotten items. Your garage is more than that, and maintaining its functionality and appearance can go a long way.

There isn’t much worse than stepping out of your vehicle and being immediately attacked by the stench of unsettling mildew in a moist garage. The most common source of this problem for most people is the garage door itself.

Your garage door is essentially the place most prone to leaks. Understanding the step to take when a leak occurs is crucial to keeping your garage and belongings dry and protected.

What stands between your garage and unwanted pests, dirt, and water? That would be a reliable garage door seal.

An easy way to tell if your seal needs replacing, is to observe if water is leaking into your garage floor after a storm, or by inspecting it. Older seals look worn and can have cracks or chunks missing.

Garage Door Drains

If you replaced your old seal and are still experiencing leaks into your garage, a drain might be your next step to mitigate the problem.

New seals are great on flat, even surfaces, but an irregular floor might make it a challenge to keep water and bugs out.

Sometimes the ground under a home can move and shift, taking various parts of the house with it, including your garage floor or driveway. This can send water running towards the garage door. Most of the time, outdoor driveway drains aren’t in the right place to maximize drainage.

French drains and channel drains are costly and tedious projects that are better left to professional contractors.

These types of drains involve designing, planning water flow, and budgeting for equipment, aside from the massive amounts of labor.

Keeping Leaks Out Of Your Garage

Keeping water out of your garage will save money in the long-term. No moisture in your garage equates to a drier environment which prevents rot, fungus, mold, and foundation problems. Installing a drain, pouring some concrete, or installing a new seal is much more cost effective than remodeling the whole garage due to water damage. Always inspect your garage door seals at least annually.

Your garage may have seen better days, and in some cases, a DIY fix may not be a smart investment. In such a case, Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company has the equipment, experience, and expertise to solve all your garage drainage problems. Contact us for a free no obligation quote and see why thousands of people in Central Arkansas have relied on us for all their garage door needs.